Escaparates Abril 2010 (Quilty pleasures at Liberty’s)

  • To coincide with the current Quilts: 1700-2010 exhibition at the V&A, we see Liberty’s windows emulating the infamously risqué art of Tracy Emin and Sarah Lucas, along with fabric interpretations of artwork by Chris Ofili
  • Bold lettering is a key statement-maker with fabric embroidered words adorning displays
  • Off-cuts of Liberty print fabrics are strewn in bin-bags to reiterate the trashy nature of the display
  • Challenging the spinsterish associations of quilting, Liberty’s visual merchandising shows the female form in compromising and provocative situations to bring her more up to date, emphasising quilting as a playful pastime accessible to a modern audience

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Escaparates Abril 2010 (Saloni)

  • Furniture retailers step up merchandising with high-impact product displays
  • Art merges with retail as Kartell adapts its store and product becomes key in an installation of spidery shards
  • At Rigadritto iconic characters by Keith Haring are used to display product
  • Miniatures are key as tiny replicas sit next to full size chairs at Larusmiani and a doll house features at Skitsch

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Escaparates Abril 2010 (Product placement)

  • Everyday objects including bottles, rope, wire and mesh are incorporated into displays as points of interest
  • At Skitsch chairs are attached to walls and tables hung from neon tube-lit frames
  • Mannequins are hollowed-out and used as display cabinets for a range of bespoke dress shirts at Tween
  • Visual merchandising inspiration is taken from the most mundane of items with Barneys New York using hosiery filled with pebbles and stretched over embroidery rings

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Escaparates Abril 2010 (Lighting)

  • Multiple repeat placement lighting gives impactful results
  • Top hats work as quirky shades in Tween’s formal menswear department
  • Oxxo’s paper shade features intricate cut-out art, mimicking the stencilled wall motifs in store
  • Fine bars criss-cross randomly to create sinister shadowing at Gervasoni
  • Fluorescent tubes stand to attention making a simple statement at Iceberg, or are arranged at conflicting angles at Weekday

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Escaparates Abril 2010 (Mannequin update)

Traditional springtime floral themes are given a surreal twist as bouquets replace mannequin heads
At Galeries Lafayette mannequins are brought to life with moving facial projections and recordings
Ever a source of inspiration, Lady Gaga make-up and hair features at Bershka and Harrods
The decadent windows at Harrods this month are populated by heavily made-up faces with pencilled brows in drag-queen styles
Tribal influences include painted and scarified faces, twisted hair and masks
Whitewashed faces feature singular emphasis on mouth or eyes

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Inspiración en el interior de tiendas (Kiosk)

Kiosk’s second-floor location in SoHo is a must visit for design lovers with an eye for original and straightforward items sourced from around the world. The curated range of products is offered in an exhibition format, and though owner Alisa Grifo swears “we don’t look at trends”, Kiosk has carved a place for itself at the forefront of New York City and the international design community. Kiosk is a place where New York style-makers and design-minded trendsetters are able to stay updated on what’s hot in-store.

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